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At Chimney Ireland we offer a nationwide chimney cctv survey across all towns and counties in Ireland. A chimney cctv survey or cctv inspection of the chimney flue clearly identifies problems and damage to the chimney or chimney lining.  Contact Chimney Ireland on our nationwide Lo call phone – 1890 929 555  for a fast efficient chimney survey service.

Chimney C.C.T.V. survey service Ireland  

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When to have your Chimney CCTV inspection ?

  • To assess the condition of the current chimney lining ( flue lining) before you change your current fire for a new stove.  The cctv survey will give a definitive answer if the existing chimney flue requires repair or replacement with a stainless steel chimney flue liner.
  • After a chimney fire. Your insurance company may require a chimney inspection or chimney cctv survey to confirm the extent of damage to the chimney & quantify the costs payable to the homeowner for repair. At chimney Ireland we can provide a turn key service from the initial Chimney CCTV survey to management of the insurance claim by our registered loss assessors to repair or replacement of the fire damaged chimney.
  • After moving into a new property the condition of the chimney and chimney flue should be assessed before you light the first fire.
  • When you have visible indications of damage surrounding the chimney or chimney breast. Cracks, tar seepage and or smoke spillage are likely signs that the chimney lining is not intact and may be damaged.


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What is the cost of  Chimney CCTV survey ?

Chimney CCTV survey with DVD and report costs €250.00  -  Chimney Ireland offer reimbursement of the chimney Cctv survey cost when you choose chimney Ireland for the repair works or relining of your home chimney.   Contact our office below to discuss your Chimney CCTV survey or chimney repair requirements.

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